Make Peace with your Past

Life is a bowl of cherries, pits included!  These pits represent emotional pain from our past.  Do you have lingering hurts that reveal themselves on occasion?  If so, make peace with your past and release what keeps you from living life fully.  Resolve to heal old wounds so that you can focus on what is really important: your health and enjoying the beauty of life’s moments.

Emotional pain from our past is like an open wound.  They continue to hurt until conscious mending takes place.  Some wounds are large and deep, seemingly resistant to healing but that is only a perception.  All wounds can be healed with proper attention and care.

Take responsibility for healing your past hurts.  This can be done through regular journaling, meditation, time spent with a compassionate confidante, a trusted professional or a suitable support group.  Choose one or any combination that works for you.  Healing comes when you honour yourself, your hurts and release what imprisons you.  Gradually, old hurts shrink until there is nothing left but a small scar.  The wound is closed and we return to a healed state as we all began.  Make peace with your past and free yourself from yesterday’s hurts.  Peace gives way to increased positive experiences, a key component of aging well.

One comment on “Make Peace with your Past

  1. Hi Fay;
    Your blog &wise words “spoke to me” very deeply. And so true…the emotional pain of the past can make a home permanently in your soul if you let it. Choosing to “let go” and breaking free of those “chains” is liberating.

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