Healthy Aging: The Value of Relationships

Healthy, supportive relationships are worth their weight in gold.  Nothing beats a good friend, confidante or support person to help you rebound from life’s challenges in a timely manner.  Supportive relationships are something like a safety net; catching you when you fall, preventing excess harm and allowing you to continue through life in good spirits.

The older we get in life, the greater the likelihood of significant challenges.  Loss of peers and loved ones along with declining physical abilities take their toll, regardless how prepared one is in life.  Having support people to journey alongside helps to normalize our experiences and put them into perspective.

If you feel you don’t have an adequate support system, start building one today.  Join clubs or groups, volunteer for causes you are passionate about, or simply drop into your local community centre and participate in one of many activities they offer.  Just as you are having fun, your network of relationships will grow like magic!

Aim for a variety of friendships, from various cultures and age groups.  We can learn a lot from others in older and younger generations, not to mention be inspired.  Younger friends can be enlivening while older friends can be fabulous role models that offer insight to the realities of aging in today’s world.  Have fun building relationships and remember, face-to-face relationships are the most fulfilling and beat on-line relationships any day!

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