Erode Your Fears

The opposite of trust is distrust.  Fear breeds distrust.  Cast a light on fear and it will gradually diminish.  The longer the light shines on it, the smaller the fear will be until eventually it gives way to a healthy sense of trust.  In the last post, I discussed one way of building trust and that is to increase awareness of limiting beliefs.  Once we develop that awareness, we can start to break down our fears.

For example, if you fear insufficient sources of organically grown foods, you might initiate dialogue with others in your community on reliable sources and then begin to research them one by one.  As you build awareness of the “who, what, where and hows” of  trusted suppliers, you might become inspired to experiment with your own home garden.  There are few things more rewarding in life than growing your own food and enjoying the harvests of your labour.  It is a win-win since not only does your health benefit, your friends and neighbours benefit if you have a bumper crop and the world benefits with increased sustainability.  Cast a light on fear and be open to the surprises that unfold as you grow through living!

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