Building Trust

Trust is an important part of healthy living.  When we trust ourselves, others and the world around us, we are able to live fully in the moment and appreciate all aspects of our life.  We accept it without conditions and surrender to the moment with a wonderful sense of peace and contentment.

How do we get to this place of peace?  We begin by assessing our current level of trust.  Ask yourself the following questions and answer them as honestly as you can.  What are my current thoughts about myself, important relationships, my work and the world in general?  Begin with “I feel . . . ” and complete the sentence for each area.  You may want to discuss it with a close friend or even write a story from your current perspective.  If you choose to write, allow your thoughts to flow freely on paper unedited.  Don’t worry about grammar or punctuation, just write to get clarity and uncover your truths.

Review your story objectively and look for positive and negative words or statements that reflect your level of trust.  Read your written words as if you were your own best friend providing objective feedback .  If you find your level of trust is low in any of the areas, consider why it is low, what beliefs support this and who may have influenced this view of yours.

As you complete this exercise, look back to the last two posts titled ‘Testing your Beliefs‘ (revised 2/8/13) and ‘Dualistic Thinking‘.  Envision many doors and viewpoints available for you to explore.  Know that building trust begins with you and open awareness of possibilities.  Free your mind of limited thinking and trust the best is yet to come.  You will be glad you did!

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