Dualistic Thinking

We make choices everyday.  Sometimes we believe there are only two choices to make: the right one or the wrong one, the good one or the bad one.  This type of black and white thinking is called dualistic thinking.  It involves limited thinking though since it ignores the vast grey area of options in between.  Dualistic thinking makes life more difficult as there is no room for compromise or negotiating alternatives.

Dualistic thinking can be detrimental to relationships since it offers only two doors to choose from.  The remaining doors are not visible as they are obscured by a narrow focus.  Try to keep this vision in your mind the next time you feel there are limited choices.  Relax your mind, envision the other doors with alternate solutions.  Ask yourself what is behind each door and which doors offer the best solutions.  Open your mind to the possibilities that exist and seek a win-win with every decision you make!

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