WAP! 5

The final tip for increasing vitality during winter months is to treat yourself to something really special.  Indulge in the extra ordinary, beyond what you regularly do.  Splurge as you create a large window of time for yourself, embark on an activity you long to do, or both!  Find something that both inspires and excites to move into action.  Follow your imagination and allow your senses to be your guide!

Whether you choose something that costs money or not, know that nourishing yourself need not break the bank.  In fact, the most gratifying experiences are more affordable and accessible than you realize.  Think outside of the box when it comes to brainstorming ways of achieving your goal in a cost-effective manner.

For example, if you long for a tropical vacation, narrow down which activity it is that you specifically enjoy.  If you enjoy a warm climate, consider pampering yourself at a local spa or pool, using their sauna or hot tub.  If you enjoy the ocean environment, make plans to visit a tropical aquarium or local beach to engage your senses and feel the soft sand beneath your feet.  If you enjoy a party atmosphere, consider attending a community event or hosting a themed potluck with cultural foods from your country of choice.  The ideas are endless and the important thing to remember is to have fun.  Beat the winter doldrums by bringing your ‘ideal tropics’ home to you.  It is but a mere thought away!

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