Overstimulation comes from a variety of sources.  Each of us have different tolerance levels  when it comes to being overstimulated.  Our technologically driven world increases our risk of it with 24/7 access to unlimited sources of stimuli.  Technology taunts us, distracts us and even directs us in relentless ways if we allow it to.

The cost of overstimulation can be great.  Fatigue, stress, anxiety, depression, numbness and feeling out of control are some common symptoms which have become norms in today’s world.  Rather than depleting ourselves, we can make good choices to reduce the risks for overstimulation.  We can raise our own awareness of the amount of stimulation we get each day and take a proactive approach to wellness.

Regularly check in with yourself to see if you feel overstimulated.  If so, make time to disengage your mind and body to regain a sense of equilibrium.  Remove yourself physically if possible and shift your mind towards soothing thoughts that relax you.  Focus on personal wellness and sustainability as your goal.  Being mindful of the amount of stimuli you receive each day will help to keep overstimulation at bay!

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