Resilience 3

Here is an interesting way to build resilience that can also be fun.  Express your feelings through a creative mode.  This can be something that you are already well versed in or something new that you have never tried before.  You might journal, write a letter, compose a poem or piece of music, paint, build, sculpt, whittle or carve.  Maybe you will reorganize a closet, create a new recipe or something new out of miscellaneous materials around your home, allowing the project to take on a life of its own.  Working with your hands is therapeutic as it focuses your mind on something other than the problems at hand and allows intuition and insight to arise.  Physicality is powerful since it releases tension within and smooths out the rough patches in life.

Some of the greatest artists in the world have created their best works during dark periods in their life.  Beethovan and Van Gogh are two examples of people who used adversity as a springboard to greater creativity.  You do not need to produce a work of art but only to express yourself.  The magic is in the process and no one knows their capacity for expression until they try it.  Turning negative energy into a creative endeavour can be a very gratifying experience as it offers the power to lift moods and yield new perspectives.

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