Creative Aging

Mind Master is pleased to announce its newest workshop for the month of September on “Creative Aging”.  Last month, I wrote about the benefits of creativity in countering the harmful effects of stress and maintaining good health.  ‘Indulge Yourself‘ discussed the link between thoughts, emotions and the immune system, and how creativity can contribute to ongoing wellness.

Midlife is naturally a transformative period as one symbolically crosses the bridge to the latter half of life, assesses the road behind and prepares for the journey ahead.  Changes in career, relationships, and lifestyle are common during this stage with taking stock of unmet goals and making plans to fulfill them.  Even our thought processes undergo some changes as a broader perspective emerges from years of life experience.  This move towards a broad mindset forms the ideal basis for accessing your creative potential.

The benefits of “Creative Aging” are immense.  Among the most notable are increased self-worth, greater confidence and satisfaction in life.  Join this engaging 2-hour workshop and discover your creative potential while working towards a rewarding and fulfilling future!

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