Trust Wisdom of Spirit! VII

With an expanded mind, endless possibilities exist. All assumptions, details, specifics and differences disappear. Existence prevails here with neutral acceptance and open heart. Like standing on top of a mountain where 360 degree views and prevalence of earth and sky is felt both day and night, the level of oneness arises while contrived illusions and needing to control externals no longer exists.

In this place, the concept of no power evaporates. Let go powerlessness in self and others who may try to control you. Surrender to your own pure liveliness of existence. You are here on earth to be the wisdom of spirit, your soul being and essence within, with no friction or habit of creating commotions. Imagine self here as an eternal vessel of light where loving vibration from open heart brings unconditional acceptance. Light of love is an ever powerful source just as moon continuously glows nurturing energies on all life through darkness on earth!

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