Feeling More at Ease

Feeling more at ease during this challenging time in our world is a significant learning for every human on our planet. Greater ease is achieved when quiet joy is experienced within. It comes from choosing better while releasing old habits and impulses connected to externals. There are endless attractions and distractions in our world that compel us to continually reach out to externals for greater satisfaction and ease in life. Be aware of the difference between external impulses and mindful choosing in the moment.

Break free from patterns of running out to externals. Shift to a place of quietness within by staying put and choosing better in the moment. The next series of posts on this topic will provide essential tips for soothing and nourishing self from the inside out! Quiet joy within is the ultimate experience that frees us from draining energies in surroundings so that regardless of what is happening, feeling more at ease becomes our new reality!

Share your thoughts so we can learn together:

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