Dissolving Barriers V

Avoid negative influences and whatever dulls or deflates you. Mindfully stop exposing yourself to people and sources that trigger challenges within. It is normal and common for all humans to become susceptible to controlling forces, criticism or judgement. Hearing or seeing stories saturated with comparisons revealing all that is good /bad, right/wrong, wise/foolish can certainly draining. Focus on reducing time with media and choose wisely. Listen less to news, review less advertisements and anything that does not uplift you plus give you a sense of freedom and peace within!

2 comments on “Dissolving Barriers V

  1. Oh my goodness, so fitting for me at this time as I maneuver through challenges with people and their own individual behavioural tactics of manipulation and bulling and their toxic ways both home and on the work front. This write up was a good reminder and reassurance for me and my thoughts towards a different path or different way to choose something that would be way more uplifting for me .
    This was great timing !
    Thank you

    • Thank you Heidi! Divine timing! Awesome sharing as your words reflect perils of life’s challenges in todays’ world. Check out my new website blogs on HealingwithNatureandSpirit.ca. Stay safe and well and enjoy!

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