Free Yourself VI

Move through fear. If you tend to worry, make excuses, be evasive or try to control a person or situation, ask yourself what you are afraid of. Take time to meditate in stillness and go beyond surface layers to allow fear to arise as a physical sensation in your body. Acknowledge its presence and then pay attention to the story you tell yourself that supports this fear.

For instance, if you are afraid of losing a relationship because the other person might reject you and then discover your underlying fear is based on the belief that you are not good enough, shift to a place of 100% self-acceptance. This fear of not being good enough is usually derived from early childhood experiences. As a full grown adult now, believe that you are more than good enough, even if the relationship ends. See it as a part of the the flow of life. This is crucial for freeing yourself and the gift is that you will come to love yourself even more and no longer suffer as much, relying on externals to uplift you. Regardless of what is happening in your environment and who is present, you will feel perfect, whole and complete! Love yourself!

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