What are your impulses? What triggers you to do the things that you do? Are they mindful choices or mind-less? Mind-less means without thinking or consideration. Mind-less choices are usually the result of ingrained habits. We may continue to exercise these habits as long as we don’t stop to consider the longer term effects of these choices. Therefore, the question we all need to ask ourselves today is: “Do these habits serve me well? Do they support the future I desire?” If the answer is no, the time to change is now!

There are myriad ways in which we humans are drawn to acting impulsively in today’s world. These can be from both internal and external sources. Internally, our habitual ways of thinking, mind stories, emotions and body senses spur us to do certain things. Externally, technology, media, social influences and environmental conditions influence our reactive behaviours. Take some time this week to consider what triggers your impulses and whether they serve you well or not.


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