Personal Power

Personal power is a choice. To feel powerful or powerless makes all the difference. The important thing to know is what beliefs you hold.

Beliefs can render one all-powerful or powerless. Beliefs impact every experience in life, intertwining the psychological, emotional and physical realms. For example, positive beliefs uplift one with the potential for joy and greater vitality. Negative beliefs on the other hand induce worry, evoking anxiety and tension in the body. With the reptilian brain and fight or flight stimulated within, the vortex of dark mental, emotional, and physical experiences maintains a heightened level of stress. This is a norm for people but it doesn’t have to be.

The key to transformation is living fully in the moment. Bring awareness to patterns of limited thinking that do not serve you well. Shift in the moment from mindless reactions to wise responses. Take a moment to breathe, settle the active mind and shift from powerless to your natural state of personal power. Two very effective practices for transforming experiences include gratitude and positive affirmations. Gratitude maintains a positive orientation while positive affirmations speak a new truth that resonates for you. “I trust in the goodness of life to carry me through.” or “I am grateful for the experiences of my life.” are two simple statements that can change things in your life in significant ways.  Know that personal power is a birthright and everyone has the right to live a healthy wholesome life!


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