Shift 7

Negativity is an immense power drain. Repetitive thoughts containing doubt, criticism, or obsessive worry impede the flow of natural energy in significant ways. Also, over disciplining oneself to the point of neglect amplifies low self-worth and feelings of disempowerment. Bring awareness to negative energy within and take action as soon as you notice its presence.

Release negative mental chatter by focusing on your breath and practicing mind/body meditation. Calm your body and mind as you let go of physical tension and mental chatter with each exhale. This allows you to directly experience the transient nature of thoughts. Know that negative thoughts are not the ultimate truths and that you can shift these through positive affirmations. Give no more energy to the inner critic and instead, focus on positive, rejuvenating thoughts and activities that  evoke feelings of joy, gratitude and love. Doing this regularly will shift your energy in powerful ways and help you to reclaim your authentic power!

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