Boundaries are essential to wellness. Setting limits for balance is essential in life.  Over the next few weeks, there will be tips for identifying, setting and maintaining healthy boundaries in order to experience greater joy and vitality in daily life.  Today’s tip involves self-awareness.  Knowing yourself is key!

Ask yourself “What situations deplete my energy?” Your responses may range anywhere from “When I give too much” to “When others or the environment overwhelms me.”.  Take time to reflect deeply and honestly on this question.  It may help to think back to times when you felt confused, lost, anxious, stressed, fearful, unloved or tired. These offer valuable insights into where and when boundaries need to be set.  Common areas that require attention for many include challenging relationships, unrealistic expectations and deadlines.  Assess fluctuations in your level of wellness with each situation.  If you discover there are moments when you feel extremely vulnerable, setting boundaries needs to be a priority.


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