Lens of Perception

Every person has a unique lens in which they perceive and experience the world.  Thoughts, beliefs and memories create this lens, a reflection of one’s inner world.  In order to live your best life possible, care and attention must be placed upon this lens.  Over the next five weeks, there will be tips for developing awareness on the lens of perception.

This weeks tip involves simple awareness that we each have a unique lens.  A great deal of discomfort for most people comes from expecting similar perceptions from others. In reality, no two people view are experience life in exactly the same way.  Acknowledging and accepting our own lens, as well as the lens of others, is vital to overall wellness.  Acceptance naturally leads to reduced judgement and conflict.  Honour your lens of perception and the lens of others for their uniqueness.  Together, we are an integral part of the great ecosystem of life!


Share your thoughts so we can learn together:

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