Catch and Release!

Vitality can be simply defined as life energy.  We were all born with this and it came very naturally to us as children.  We played and explored the world in ways that brought continued wonder, joy and enthusiasm in life.  As adults, many of us have lost touch with this due to the demands of everyday living but rest assured, vitality may be brought back anytime we choose!

When energy flows freely through us, we are strong and engaged in life.  Conversely when energy is stuck, we are not operating at full capacity and limit our potential in life.  In order to keep energy flowing, we must bring awareness to the sources that drain us and one of the biggest is suppressed emotions.

Emotions are energy and a natural part of the human experience.  They are neither good or bad.  In fact, emotions are essential since they help us to cope with life.  The trick is to catch and release emotions like fish!  Whenever you feel an emotion rising within, take time to acknowledge it and then LET IT GO!.  If you ignore or suppress the emotion, it will linger in the form of stuck energy.  To maintain a clear flow of energy, you may consciously say to yourself in the moment “I feel really annoyed.” or “I feel so sad” and then release it in a healthy way.  A good choice would be to connect with nature.  Here you could dispel emotional energy and refuel yourself with the beauty of your surroundings.


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