Positive Transformation tip #2

Success often comes in small steps.  It is a gradual process that can be likened to a dance.  You may start out with 2 steps forward, only to find yourself taking 1 step back, then 2 steps sideways before taking another step forward.  The lateral steps allow time to regain balance and build strength before moving forward again.

This is the dance of positive transformation.  Remember that you are evolving through life and that change takes time.  It is seldom a linear path leading you forward.  Bring compassion to all of your experiences and soften into the disappointment of stepping back.  Acknowledge your humanness and shortcomings.  Trust that you are growing and learning.  A healthy dose of unconditional love and encouragement will help to keep you headed in the right direction.  Slowly but surely, you will witness your beautiful transformation, one step at a time.


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