Be A Mountain

Envision a beautiful mountain.  Perhaps it is one that you have hiked before or admired while on vacation.  See its natural beauty in your minds’ eye and feel its awe-inspiring magnificence.  Mountains reflect strength and stability through time and changing seasons.

Sit in a comfortable position, preferably with legs crossed and your body mirroring a great mountain.  Your head is the crown; your shoulders and arms, the crags and sloping sides; and your legs and buttocks, the strong foundation on which the mountain resides.  Sit in silence embodying the mountain within you.  As thoughts and emotions arise, see them as passing weather systems, never lingering for long.  This is the weather of your life.

Emotional storms and flood of thoughts are normal.  Allow them to be.  Allow them to pass like clouds drifting by.  With heightened awareness of your solid and stable self, you will gradually come to know the deeper silence within that is ever present.  This place of serenity is the awe-inspiring mountain within you.


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