Listen Within

Mindful listening is key to building good relationships with others.  Listening within is equally important when it comes to building a good relationship with yourself.  This may sound odd but it is vital to your self-confidence, self-esteem and creative problem solving abilities.  Tune in regularly to your higher self and listen for important messages within.

Connect with your higher self through meditation.  Begin by calming your active mind and focusing your attention on breath.  Allow the chatter within to settle naturally.  Once your mind is still, your higher self can be heard.  This may come in the form of a thought, sensation or image.  In that moment, consider the one best thing you can do for yourself.  For instance, if you are stuck in indecision and your higher self reveals the need for a break, you may decide to stop what you are doing and go outside for a walk.  Listening within makes all the difference between living and living well!  Make 2015 the year of living well … with an exclamation mark!

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