Self-compassion begins with awareness.  Bring awareness to negative thoughts when they arise and how they affect you.  For instance, if you feel resentment, notice your bodily sensations and associated thoughts in that moment.  Is your body tense and do your thoughts consume you, preventing you from living life fully?  Perhaps you would like to use your energy more wisely.  Recognize the implications of holding pain and consciously work to free yourself.

Imagine yourself free of this pain.  See yourself softening to a place of gentle loving kindness.  Allow the wise part of yourself to arise and tenderly hold your pain, to create space for emotional healing.  Perhaps you may choose to release it by journaling, writing a letter without sending it, talking to a friend or professional, or engaging in physical release through exercise, massage or other forms of body therapy.  Experiment with a variety of healthy ways until all of your pain is released.  Self-compassion is an on-going process that requires unconditional love, acceptance and patience to evolve in your own natural way.

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