Tune In

Mindfulness is like tuning into your own radio station.  The frequencies you connect to are those from your mind, body and heart.  Messages from your mind convey wisdom and insight, from your body, stress and muscle tension, and from your heart, sadness or delight.  Tune into yourself throughout the day to connect with your inner knowing.

For instance, some tasks can be all-consuming especially when there is a rigid timeline involved.  We may become so focused on getting the job done that we lose awareness of tension building within.  There might be dull pain, cramping or increasing stress signals.  Bring awareness to these sensations and you will be more apt to respond in a timely way before problems escalate.

Exercise:  Try pausing throughout your day to tune into your mind, body, and heart.  Stop what you are doing and ask yourself , “What am I noticing in this moment?” and “What is going on for me right now?”  Perhaps you need to consider a different perspective or approach, or take a break.  Make time to pause regularly throughout your day and check in with yourself.  Enhanced quality of life comes naturally and easily when your are consistently tuned in.

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