Inner Peace 5

As 2013 draws to an end, I hope you are feeling a growing sense of inner peace within, having read and hopefully practiced a few of the four preceding tips.  This final post for the year reveals the last tip which involves mindful creation.

Tip #5:   Reduce or eliminate negativity.  Negativity is derived from both internal and external sources.  Examples of external sources include negative marketing campaigns, toxic people and all forms of media news.  Each of these contribute negative energy to your environment  while negative self-talk and self-doubt keeps the pot simmering within.  Take action against negative energy by raising awareness of its presence and mindfully creating a positive environment for inner peace.

Take a vacation from external negative forces and resist watching the news for a while, especially before bedtime.  Abstain from television dramas, video games, and documentaries that showcase violence in any form, verbal or physical.  Be vigilant with every negative energy that enters your awareness.  Stop negativity within by practicing compassion for yourself and loving-kindness meditation.  There is a time for engaging in the world and a time for withdrawal.  Maintain healthy boundaries and mindfully create an environment conducive to inner peace.          


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