Finding Clarity

Fog hinders our ability to see clearly while brain fog impacts our ability to think clearly.  Clarity is a much desired state that allows us to move ahead with comfort.  Without clarity, we may wander aimlessly, lost in a fog.  Everyone experiences brain fog at some time in their life.  What can you do to achieve clarity when brain fog seeps in?

For the next few weeks, I will offer strategies for overcoming brain fog in a timely way.  Similar to an autumn road trip where you pass through areas of dense grey fog, you will eventually come to blue skies when you have driven far enough.  Your journey to clarity is a process that requires forward momentum.  This is the single most important step to moving beyond brain fog.  Choose one thing that you can do and act upon it.  Be confident that every act you take will bring you one step closer to the clarity you desire.

The first strategy to get yourself out of brain fog is to check your stress levels.  Are you managing your daily stressors or have they accumulated to overwhelming proportions?  It may be time for you to step back and re-evaluate your priorities once again.  Have you taken on too much and if so, which tasks can you delegate, delay or dismiss.  Revisit your values and re-assess what is most important to you.  Commit to only those that meet your highest values and relieve yourself from the rest.  Limit your load and clarity will surely return!

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