Rainbow of Emotions 4: Depression

Depression is like the common cold.  Just as it comes, it goes away in its own time.  The severity and duration vary according to individual personalities, beliefs, circumstances and choice of remedy.  Embrace love and compassion for yourself when depressed feelings visit.  Nurture yourself as you would any young child.  Take control of what you can and commit to healthy choices that move you forward to a place of hope and engaged living once again.

Healthy choices involve the basics of self-care such as a balanced diet, regular exercise, adequate sleep and effective stress management.  Supportive relationships are worth their weight in gold at this time.  Depending on how stuck you feel, you may also want to confide in a professional that you trust and respect or try a new one that feels right for you.

Beware of poor choices that do not feel right, that are not uplifting or offer only short-term relief.  Excess eating, drinking, and indulging in other distractions only mask the situation temporarily.  Lapsing into old coping styles are not the solution.  The remedy lies beyond your current way of living.  If you observe yourself cycling in and out of depression repeatedly over the years, it is time to change your approach to life.  Long term solutions require growth and the courage to stretch yourself beyond your place in life.  Embrace new habits that serve you better and your reward will be a lighter and brighter future.  Hope and vitality are just around the corner.  Take a look!

“Let depression be your alarm, compassion your teacher.” – Wise Sister Fay


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