Rainbow of Emotions: Worry

Mind Master’s latest flyer reveals a rainbow of emotions.  Turn worry to peace through mindfulness.  Worry comes and worry goes.  Worry is a normal part of change.  Its purpose is to bring awareness of possible harm and that is very useful in and of itself.  But when worry takes over, it can rob you of experiencing more joy in life.  Put worry into perspective and take decisive action as soon as possible.

FrontThe most important question you need to ask yourself when overwhelmed with worry is what to do with it.  Reach out to reliable sources for information that you can count on to help you make an informed decision.  Research government websites, confide with a trusted confidante, or connect with a professional to help you put your concerns into perspective.  Once you have a more accurate assessment of the level of risk, commit to taking positive action and allowing yourself to return to a place of peace in a timely manner.  A good night’s sleep is your reward!

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