Seriously Silly

Developing your potential has a lot to do with play.  Are you aware of the children’s toy called Silly Putty?  It is a small piece of flesh-coloured dough that comes in a plastic egg.  The putty was dubbed ‘silly’ because you can do fun things with it.  One of my favorites, as a child, was pressing it into newspaper images of cartoon characters and stretching it to outrageous proportions.  The putty also bounced well and it delighted me to watch it ricochet back and forth against hallway walls.   You can see the silliness that the putty evokes.  What does this teach us about potential?  Everything!

Like the putty, we too are pliable.  We can stretch and reinvent ourselves over and over again, throughout our lifetime.  We are only as limited as our mind allows.  Deepak Chopra, author of SuperBrain, states that we have a relationship with our brain and we can either nurture it or ignore it.  Nurturing our brain means making sure that we have the right amount of stress, the right amount of stimulation, plus ample opportunities for creating and having fun.  Joy is the path to potential.  See yourself as flexible and not rigid or fixed!  Find what you love and your potential will naturally rise!

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