Eat Play Love!

Mind Master is pleased to announce its newest workshop for January: “Eat Play Love!”  Join delicious conversations that are sure to stimulate your senses and inspire you to make positive changes for 2013!  Experience a taste of psychology while exploring the what, why and how of eating and discover essential strategies for optimal wellness.  Although this workshop does not include nutritional advice, it does cover tips for healthy eating habits in today’s hectic world.  Practice a healthy sense of play as you engage your inner child to alleviate daily stresses.  Discover the keys to unconditional love and unlock the secrets behind effective journalling  and achieving inner peace.  Eat Play Love! may well be the catalyst for 2013 being your best year ever!

This workshop will be held on Tuesday, January 22, 2013,  from 7 – 9 pm at the Coquitlam campus of Douglas College.  Register now as space is limited to 12 participants for maximum benefits!

Share your thoughts so we can learn together:

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