New Workshop for November

Mind Master is pleased to announce its newest workshop on Humour and Happiness!  Humour is a valuable tool for coping with stress and overcoming difficulties in life.  It is an important part of a healthy mindset that is frequently overlooked and not taken seriously.  No pun intended!  Humour can be powerful especially when used appropriately.  It can effectively dissipate negative pent-up emotions, provide necessary relief in a timely way,  build greater resiliency and create more happy moments in life.

Happiness is a state which we all aspire to experience more of in life.  Happiness can sometimes feel elusive, especially the harder we try to capture and hold onto it.  Join engaging discussions on what comprises happiness, where it comes from and how to achieve lasting results.  This 2-hour workshop is guaranteed to put a smile on your face and a chuckle in your belly.  Be inspired to lighten up your life with humour and foster more happiness in your life, every day!

Share your thoughts so we can learn together:

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