Resilience is a desirable quality that can be learned.  It involves bouncing back from adversity in a timely and positive manner while not allowing yourself to get bogged down by discomfort and pain.  Resilience allows you to return to your natural state of mental wellness in spite of setbacks.  There are a number of strategies we can employ to build resilience.  Today I will discuss one strategy which involves managing bitterness.

Adversity is an emotional journey.  It is easy to become embittered when we experience setbacks in life.  Embrace the bigger picture and put your situation into perspective.  Realize that you are not alone and that there are many others in this world who have endured worse.  Find inspiring figures whose stories humble you and use their lessons as catalysts for positive change for yourself.  Shed victim status and take control of your life by making wise choices that serve your best interests and helps you move forward in life.

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