Mental Fitness Basics

Change is constant in life.  How well do you cope with change?  Do you feel confident?  Are you comfortable in the face of uncertainty?  If you answered no to either of the last two questions, you may be interested in attending the new monthly special workshop for July, titled Mental Fitness Basics.  This two-hour workshop is the foundation to Mental Fitness and includes self-assessments, healthy perspectives to adopt and effective strategies to apply in your everyday life.

In general, there are five different approaches to change that may either help or hinder your experience and desired outcomes.  These include a proactive approach, resistant approach, or no approach at all.  With the latter, avoidance may work for the interim but be harmful in the long run.  It is a complex process with no prescribed answers since personalities and circumstances make each situation unique.  Having a repertoire of approaches is best for ensuring the outcomes you desire.  This workshop can literally change your life!

Share your thoughts so we can learn together:

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