Amaze Yourself

Positive thinking alone cannot solve problems.  Motivation and action are also required to achieve results.  How do we motivate ourselves to action?  The answer is, with positive thinking!  When it comes to problem solving, positive thinking and action are intertwined since they are both cause and effect.  One fuels the other and it is the complexity of this that makes it challenging but also extraordinarily effective.

Positive thinking begins with self-confidence.  Maintain a strong belief in yourself and your capacity to succeed.  This is the catalyst to motivation.  A strong belief in yourself means never losing hope or becoming discouraged with yourself.  A strong belief in yourself requires faith, which is necessary to erase any self-doubt.  We often underestimate our true capacity and stay within our comfort zones when in reality, we are much more than what we perceive.  Practice building confidence by stretching yourself and reciting positive affirmations, such as “I am competent and capable in … ”  Then set yourself to action and prepare to amaze yourself!

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