Knowledge is power.  Conversely, unknowns can be debilitating.  Unknowns can create anxiety and worry to the point of paralysis.  In order to tackle the unknowns associated with change, we need to move away from what is familiar and comfortable.  We need to stretch ourselves and test our true potential.  This is where personal growth lies.

Although there is ease in staying within your comfort zone, I believe there is a time for rest and a time for growth.  There is a time to be comfortable and to relax as well as a time to move forward in life.  You will instinctively know when the time is right and when you feel ready, here is a proven strategy to help ease the transition.

Take the word ‘know’ out of unknown.  Educate yourself.  Seek answers to all that you are curious, unsure and fearful about.  Choose reliable sources where you will gain facts and learn the true potential risks you are concerned about.  Ultimately, grasp the realities involved and apply them to your particular situation.  Learn what you need to know to dissolve your fears.  Arm yourself with strategies to minimize risks and enhance success.  In doing so, you have taken the ‘un’ out of ‘unknown’, leaving you with ‘known’: what you know.  This translates to knowledge and knowledge is power.  Now you have the power to tackle change!

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