Love Yourself

Melancholy is a state of deep sadness within.  Sometimes, you might not know why you feel sad or even where it comes from, but there it is.  Melancholy is a little unnerving especially when it consumes us and darkens our days, like dark clouds that loom overhead.

Deep sadness for extended periods can be a sign of depression, especially if it interferes with our regular daily activities.  In this case, it is often helpful to seek outside intervention in the form of a close and trusted confidante or professional support from a doctor or counsellor.

Darkness is a normal part of life.  Just as we all have good days, we also have our share of ‘not-so-good’ days.  It is a natural part of the human experience as long as it does not consume us.  Accept and acknowledge the waves of  darkness as they come and allow them to pass just as naturally as they arrived.  Shunning darkness and hiding it is harmful to your long-term health.  Work through it and have compassion for yourself.  Treat yourself as lovingly as you would others that you cherish in your life.



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