Manifest True Love! VIII

Relax! Calm mind/body as you treat self with time in nature and sink into oneness with all life around you. Observe what you see, feel, smell, or touch in each and every moment. Observe all that nourishes and rejuvenates you to come home to your own true nature and natural vitality. As you ground self with open heart and mind, witness messages that spontaneously arise from within and without, externals that magically capture your attention. Perhaps a large bird flies over you and sings its melody or a multi-petaled flower comes into your presence shining beauty of sun powers up to your heart. Maybe the fragrance from pine trees enters your environment bringing sweetness of life. Everything that resonates with depths of you in moments carries loving messages from Mother Earth and Father Sky. Receive these timely messages, caress them and give thanks to all around you. True love in the external world is also true love internally. Love all there is and be all that you love!

A red heart shaped tree at sunset.

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