Manifest True Love! VI

All life energies coexist. Just as the sun affects all life on earth, so too does the moon which influences all fluids that flow including tides and blood in humans connected to emotions. All impacts another in significant ways, depending on amount of light or darkness that arises in moments and whether it remains or gradually dissolves.

Full moons, which carries soft light energies surrounded by vast darkness, mirrors the subtle, calm, peaceful energies in prevailing darkness. On human level, if darkness arises where fear, anger, rage, panic and distress enters the environment, we all need to embrace our own light with positive loving energies held deep within open hearts. Commit to maintaining positive energies every step of the way. True love will be your reality even when darkness arises at end of day!

Know that all that affects you may also infect you, especially if light of love dissolves within oneself. Manifest true love in challenging moments by choosing best for self and others. Stop hurt by removing self from dark energies and allow the darkness to be separate from you and not in you. Every human has their own journey of growth, when time is right for them to heal and embrace essential lessons needed. Become one with true love!

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