Burning Fear to Ashes! V

Pause . . . P.A.U.S.E.: Practice Affirmations Uplifting Spiritual Energies! Every morning of every day, in every moment when fear, doubt, worry rises, STOP! . . . S.T.O.P.: Silent Thoughts Open Possibilities! then step into positive affirmations that will ease path and elevate confidence and trust in self. Positive affirmations begin with “I”, are succinct with minimal words, carry positive energies which are meaningful and greatly transformative for depths of heart and soul.

For instance, if doubt arises from physical discomfort such as headaches, change your experience in the moment by repeatedly saying “I am safe.” “I am grounded and have peace within.” “I trust I can take better care of myself.” In this process, transformation happens and fears turn to ashes that disappear with every-changing winds of life!

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