Feeling More at Ease VI

Self respect from a place of deep love within for mind, body and heart is like a hormonal bath where kindness, compassion, joy and bliss naturally arise to become your new reality, every day and in every way! This comes from being mindful about all your actions for balanced overall wellness and ability to immensely forgive others inadequacies. “Being” the energy of love makes greater ease possible along with sheer delight and feelings of ecstasy deep within. As a result, you feel that everything in your surroundings has a deep sense of connection to your spirit including the gentle breeze touching your skin, vast sky overhead, soft soil under your feet, and flowing waters before you. Envision your spirit as the heart of a glowing flame and say out loud to yourself “I am LOVE!”. You could then extend this to your environment saying “I love the gorgeous blue sky!” “I love the wind!” “I love my passions!””I love my spiritual being and wholeness with all!”

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