Intuition 5

Inner knowing is mainly for the person perceiving it. Be discerning and careful when others share their insights on your experiences in life. Not only may they have their own filters, as discussed in the last post, their insights may be negatively clouded by their own low energy in the moment. Therefore, the gift of inner knowing is only 100% accurate for the one receiving it from within themselves. Each and every person must interpret their own inner knowing.

Practice mindfulness in the moment when you are exposed to insights from others. Bring your own inner authority to the table and add your felt perceptions to the situation. Ask yourself if their insight feels right for you. Does it resonate deep within? If not, perhaps it is a portal to viewing things differently. It may be a seed for you to consider in the future. Always remember that Insights from others regarding your personal situation are not the absolute truth. Hold this awareness in every interaction you have. Accept the fact that your inner knowing is pure and accurate for yourself only and when you are in a positive, open and relaxed state of mind!

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