Personal Power 4

Personal power fluctuates in daily life. Your emotions, energy levels, thoughts and beliefs all influence personal power. To experience a more stable level of power, you must connect with your authentic nature. This is the core of who you are. Authentic power arises naturally when you do not attach to other people’s’ words, especially those that are critical and condescending. Authentic power comes through the heart, where kindness and compassion reside.

What are words anyways? Words are simply letters of the alphabet placed in a sequence to convey something. What happens if those letters were subject to the wind or gravity and became jumbled? How would you receive them then? For instance, if the letters ‘a’ and ‘c’ switched places in the word ‘scared’ how would you be impacted by this? Authentic power is a natural healthy energy within every human being. We were born with it. Observe newborn babies and small children’s’ authentic power. It is pure and shines through, affirming one’s natural strengths and gifts.

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