Beat the Winter Blues

For many, the onset of Fall with shorter daylight hours and cooler temperatures brings a change in moods.  Grey skies and rainy wet weather can dampen our enthusiasm for life if we allow.  Bring awareness to resisting the winter blues by reaching reach deeply into the bag of self-nurturing strategies.

View Fall as a time for replenishing your inner sources.  Just as the earth requires rainfall for sustaining plant life, humans require time and space to fortify mental reservoirs.  A good place to start is with a gratitude journal.  If you have not already done so, write down each morning 10 things you are grateful for.  This is a wonderful way to start each day and an extremely powerful tool for maintaining a positive attitude in life.

Commit to at least one self-nurturing activity each day.  Everyone has their favourites and if you are prone to the winter blues, this is the time to really indulge yourself.  Schedule time for meditation, time for friends, time for a leisurely bath and time to cozy up by a fireplace and read an inspiring book.  Treat yourself to a new adventure and engage your senses in the wonders of Fall.  Revel in the scent of a freshly showered world, observe glistening foliage, and feel the cool droplets of rain water on your skin.  Take control of your happiness and vow to remain engaged in life.  Joy comes in the most unexpected places!

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