Be Sharp!

I don’t know about you, but I love sharp pencils.  I mean the wooden kind that you need to manually sharpen by spinning in what else, but a pencil sharpener!  I love watching the thin curly shaving roll out and then pulling my pencil out to reveal its very sharp tip.  Sharpness is admirable and desirable, both with pencils and the human mind.

If you want to stay as sharp as my pencils, the trick is to exercise your brain.  Your brain is a muscle just like any other muscle in your body.  The phrase “Use it or lose it” applies just as much to your brain as it does to other muscles in your body.  You can exercise your brain in many ways and I have listed 3 of my favourite ways here:

1.  Read and learn something new everyday.  Seek new information that you passionate about exploring to expand your thinking and grow your insights.

2.  Break away from habits that have become easy and don’t require much thought.  Use your non-dominant hand to write or carry out a task.  I sometimes use my left hand to write notes and brush my teeth.

3.  Go for a cardio workout to get extra blood flowing to your brain.  This helps to clear the cobwebs and relieve any stress you may have.

Staying sharp does not need to be time-consuming or difficult.  Find fun ways to engage your mind and you will stay sharp long after the life of my beloved pencils!

4 comments on “Be Sharp!

  1. I love your comparison! Another exercise for our brains is to switch your watch to the other wrist every six months or so. Thanks for all your wiseness.

    • You’re welcome. Alternating wrists for wearing your watch is also a great idea … anything that breaks habit is good for keeping our brains tuned in and not tuned out! So what time is it, Liba? A quarter past a hair, did you say?!

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